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Global Speech and Language Therapy

G-S. A. L. T.


The G-S.A.L.T. LLC  empowers our clients to become confident and effective communicators.



Welcome to Speech, Accent, and Language Training Institute, LLC (S.A.L.T. LLC) doing business as Global Speech and Language Therapy G-S.A.L.T. LLC.  We provide speech and language evaluations, speech therapy services and consultation, foreign accent reduction, and speech and language workshops.  We serve clients in Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas as well as across the US and internationally. 

Your child may need speech and language therapy if he is delayed in speaking, has difficulty understanding language, has problems expressing himself when speaking or writing, has limited vocabulary, or has difficulty using correct grammar.  In addition, some children stutter, have trouble interacting socially with others, experience delays in producing speech sounds, have problems with their voice, or have academic concerns with language and comprehension.  If you have any concerns about your child’s speech or language you should consult with a speech-language pathologist.  We offer a free 15-minute consultation so please give us a call.

All services are individualized and tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We offer flexible sessions to accommodate work and school schedules. 


Telehealth and In-Person Services


Our Mission is to provide high-quality services, to assist individuals become more effective communicators and to promote self-confidence in all speaking situations.

Speech, Accent, and Language Training LLC (S.A.L.T. LLC) now doing business as Global Speech and Language Therapy, LLC, was founded in 2005.  Our company provides speech and language services to both children and adults.  G-S.A.L.T. LLC utilizes a team approach that includes the expertise of parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals to ensure the success of our clients.  We also provide services to clients from a variety of business backgrounds.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Dr. Rowena Moore

Dr. Rowena Moore is a speech-language pathologist, international consultant, author, and public speaker.  She is passionate about helping both children and adults around the world become effective communicators. 


Dr. Moore understands the impact communications disorders can have on individuals and families and she works to support them on their journey to recovery.  She works closely with parents and professionals to ensure that they are getting the best services to address their needs.  Continued...

Dr. Rowena Moore

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We accept Aetna, Out of Network insurance, and cash clients. 

High Quality Services You Can Count On

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“I contacted Dr. Moore to help my daughter with her language disability.  She quickly felt comfortable with Dr. Moore’s warm and nurturing approach and looked forward to her weekly sessions.  Dr. Moore was able to quickly assess my daughter’s difficulties and create an effective program for her.   The homework assignments were challenging yet fun for my daughter.  I enjoyed working through the assignments with and seeing her great progress in both speech and language comprehension.” P.P

Client Testimonials

Many thanks for the initiative with the cooking classes as a learning tool, it’s our pleasure! XX's delight when he explains how much fun he had during these cooking sessions is priceless:) D.H.

I took an "Accent removal & pronunciation" course of Dr. Moore a few years ago. I had a thick Eastern European accent and often some problems with understanding while communicating or giving my talks. My main problem was clarity because I always translated my sentences into English before releasing them. Rowena was an ideal teacher for me. She identified my pronunciation and grammar problems, and patiently led me on the way of improving my speech. With a flexible schedule, we worked out each next step after I was done with the previous one. I still have some accents, which is ok. The main thing - under Rowena's guidance I learned how to talk in the American way, clearly and familiar for the native speakers, and I never had any problems with people not understanding my talking. I really appreciate Dr. Moore's professional and well organized help, which considerably facilitated my professional career.” A.G.

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