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  • How long does a therapy session last?
    Our sessions typically last for 30-45 minutes. We spend the last 5 minutes of each session reviewing the session activities with parents.
  • What ages of children do you work with?
    We work with children ages 3-18.
  • Do you work with adults?
    Yes, we work with adults who have communication difficulties as well as clients who want to mprove their ability to English pronunciation.
  • Are therapy sessions in person or online?
    We conduct therapy sessions both in-person and online.
  • How do I schedule an evaluation?
    Call our office and we will schedule your appointment as soon as we can.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office is open at different times on different days. We make every effort to schedule therapy at a time that is convenient for you. Our office is closed on weekends.
  • Do parents need to stay in the office during the evaluation or therapy?
    Parents can wait in the seating area during the session. Parents are also not required to participate in online therapy. The session will be reviewed with them during our consultation time at the end of the session.
  • How do I pay for therapy and evaluations?
    We currently accept checks, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App. Payment is required at the time of service for therapy. Full payment is required before evaluation reports are given to clients.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We want to provide all of our clients with the highest quality of care. Currently we accept clients with Aetna insurance and we provide Out of Network services for clients with other plans or no insurance. Your insurance may reimburse you for all or part of your therapy session. Out of Network clients can pay with cash, Cash App or Zelle. Payment is due at the time of service. We will provide you with a detailed superbill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Most insurance companies may reimburse between 70-80% of your cost. For example, if the cost of therapy is $110 your insurance will reimburse you $88 and your cost would be $22 for your session. Please verify with your insurance company exactly how much is paid for out of Network services.
  • Do you provide a Good Faith Estimate?
    Yes. We always provide our clients with an estimate of what our services will cost.
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